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The new issue of The Collagist is out and I have a story in it. It's called But Are They still Doing It? and it's a story told entirely in snippets of gossip.

I wrote a story for this morning's NPR show "Only a Game" on high school football prospects I first profiled in the 1996-97 season. I had the chance to catch up with kids I hadn't seen in 17 years and found out how their lives were going. Pretty well, as it turns out.

 My essay "The Jet Set" appears in the current issue of Lake Effect magazine.Lake Effect issue 17

Muse & the Marketplace adThis will be my seventh year working the Manuscript Mart, at this conference where writers have signed up to meet with editors and agents for 20 minute sessions to talk about their manuscripts...

My story on the US team trials in badminton aired on Only a Game this past weekend. You can listen to the story here.



cover of the Nantucket anthology, Little Gray Island

The cover of the Nantucket Memoir Project anthology is a beautiful winter view of the harbor. The book launch is on September 18, and the books will be on sale on Nantucket island at that time.

cover of illicit passion from 1946Most writers I work with have a lot of ideas for stories. They have a great time constructing a strategy for telling a story, and they are even pretty good at figuring out what to include. That's why they get so frustrated during workshops by the fact that their readers aren't getting what they're trying to say. Their readers look at them and say, "I'm sorry. How many cousins do you have?

More than a dozen participants gathered at the Boston Public Library to sign copies of their book, Sometimes They Sang With Us. This is the third anthology, and it includes essays from three of the classes I taught, including those in Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park and Mission Hill. Below, the very dapper John Vaccaro of Hyde Park signs copies of the book for friends and fans.

John Vaccaro signs books for fans